Southgate Centre 
Completed at Toolbox Design
Photography by Fierro Photography

Southgate is Edmonton's fashion powerhouse and style community ambassador. The shopping centre has been first-to-market with many coveted retailers and continues to challenge marketing normalities with unexpected collaborations with high-profile local companies.     



Shape the future of brick and mortar retail. Bring customers into the Centre through unique incentives and exposure to exquisite seasonal fashion campaigns. Engage potential shoppers in unexpected locations and establishments. Reach new customers through social media engagement and local fashion blogger partnerships. Continue to define Southgate as an unrivalled fashion destination.    

SEASONAL Fashion Campaigns


What WAS Achieved

Consumer dedication to Southgate as the definitive fashion destination

City-wide curiosity and anticipation of what the Southgate brand will reveal next

Increased sales per square foot annually

Premiered multiple first-to-market retailers