Saxx Underwear
Completed at Toolbox Design 

Saxx Underwear were in need of new packaging and an entire rebrand as they started to expand and gain traction with a variety of customers and retailers. Their previous brand perception was gimmicky and juvenile.



Define Saxx Underwear as an everyman's underwear that introduces an entirely new comfort technology to the market without looking like a novelty item. The product had to demand attention on-shelf across a wide spectrum of retailers, from high end fashion stores like Nordstrom to more youthful action sport shops. Taking influence from the industrial era, bold classic fonts, rugged photography and austere layouts, a revitalized Saxx brand came to life with great success.     

What WAS Achieved

Instant shelf appeal that increased sales across multiple retailers

Increased online sales

Massive brand presence in the digital and analog worlds

Built a respected brand with very loyal customers