River Park Place
Completed at Toolbox Design 

River Park Place is a multiphase real estate offering located just south of Vancouver in Richmond, British Columbia. Developed by Intracorp, the vast collection of homes boasts top quality build at attainable prices.



Communicate a high-level home offering as a luxurious brand that was affordable. "The New Luxury" tagline spearheaded the concept of reinventing how consumers perceive typical Vancouver condominium pricing. The meditative blue wave graphic represented the calm location along the Fraser River. Paired with unique imagery, warm messaging and modern graphic pattern applications, the River Park Place brand delivered successfully on its key message and sold out Phase 1.   

What WAS Achieved

Unique positioning in an industry plagued with sameness

Steady sales in a flooded market

Establish a high-level West Coast brand in an affordable offering

Execute memorable visuals consistently across all platforms