Mitchell Freedland Design  

Mitchell Freedland Design is regarded as a world-class interior design firm. Mitchell and his talented team have won countless local and international accolades, including an elusive IIDA Global Excellence Award. Their work oozes luxury and intelligence. But once upon a time, their brand and web presence did not.



Working closely with Mitchell, and after completing a review of his clientele and future projects, we deliberated that the perception of his brand identity was passive, dated and lacked a signature form that they could call their own. It wasn't playing in the same sandbox as other high end luxurious brands we drew parallels to. We changed that. With a custom monogram that emitted a sense of elegance, prestige and well-considered form. Also, Mitchell's website was completely rebuilt to showcase the beauty and detail of his work with full bleed imagery and clean layouts. Now viewers could imagine themselves living in Mitchell's heavenly spaces.    

What WAS Achieved

Revitalized team pride throughout the company

 Entirely new brand perception and expectation

Richer visual experience online garnered new business

A memorable brand identity that represents discerning taste and quality